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Couple Gets Caught Having Sex In A Moving Taxi -- During A Traffic Jam

I guess when the mood takes you, you have to do what you have to do. But having sex in a taxi in broad daylight? That's taking things too far for me, but not for this one couple.

According to Daily Mail, two people were filmed having sex in their taxi during a bit of traffic on Saturday in Russia. The crazy thing is how little the man and woman seem to care they were caught.

The woman looks a little taken aback once she realizes she's been caught on camera...


...but once the man realizes he's been caught, he hilariously gives the person filming a proud thumbs-up. Like, this dude clearly doesn't give one damn about getting caught.


Then, the woman just climbs out of her ride and starts showing her breasts to everyone! Like, what are you doing, lady?


As the woman climbs out of the taxi window, she seems to get many honks of approval.

The Cyrillic script on the door of the taxi and on the building seem to support the idea this occurred somewhere in Eastern Europe, which just seems to make sense for some reason.

Well, I hope the two enjoyed themselves, because the video of their proud, public sex will live on the internet forever.

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