Police Help Deliver A Baby After Pulling A Couple Over For Speeding

A Seattle police officer helped deliver a woman's baby after reportedly pulling over her husband for speeding to the hospital.

According to KOMO News, Officer Anthony Reynolds was on patrol on Sunday when he saw Abdul Abdashiek drive through several red lights.

Reynolds pulled the car over at about 3:45 am, but before he could approach the car, Abdul opened his door to explain his wife was in labor. Reynolds then called for an ambulance and assured the couple it would make it in time.

Reynolds asked Abdul how far apart his wife contractions were as Abdul's wife, Maly Yusuf, screamed,

Oh my God, the baby's coming out!

Reynolds, along with at least two more officers, watched as the baby girl was born inside of the car.

The newborn had difficulty breathing initially, but Reynolds and Yusuf reportedly cleared her airway, allowing her to breathe just fine.

Abdul and Maly named their daughter Hadaya, which is Arabic for "gift," and wrote Reynolds and his backup officers a note to thank them for their help.

According to the police, the note read,

You have helped deliver a precious gift. We are so grateful.

Watch the dash cam footage of the birth below.

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