Guys Are Less Likely To Wear A Condom If The Girl Is Smoking Hot, Study Finds


Men everywhere will collectively hang their heads in shame when they read about this alarming sex study.

A survey has found that the hotter the girl, the less likely the guy is to wear a condom. And they'll do it even if she has a high risk of having an STI.

*Shakes head in disappointment*

In our defense, guys, this study was very, very small. A total of 51 heterosexual men were surveyed by two UK universities and asked loads of probing questions about their sex lives.

Then they were given black and white pictures of 20 women's faces and asked to rate them by attractiveness, whether or not they'd have sex with them, how likely they were to use a condom and how likely the women were to have STIs.

The results found that the prettier the woman, the less likely they were to wear a condom.

Simone Becchetti

Here's the study conclusion:

Male perceptions of attractiveness influence their condom use intentions; such risk biases could profitably be discussed during sex education sessions and in condom use promotion interventions.

While the research is not conclusive, because the study sample of men is so small, it does marry up to findings from previous studies about risk-based sex on the scales of attractiveness.

Researchers hope the study will help in the battle against rising cases of STIs like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

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