This Is Exactly How Big Your D*ck Needs To Be To Fit Into An XL Condom


Look, I know "penis" and "dick" and "XL condom" are funny words. I know. But this is actually important information to know, OK?

I mean, I laughed, too. So let's all get it out of our systems, and then we can focus on the matter at hand. Go ahead and take 30 seconds to laugh right now. Get all those giggles and snorts in.

You good? You with me? OK, now it's time to learn about safer sex.

According to The Condom Depot Learning Center, many assume any condom will fit them, regardless of the size. I mean, they stretch, so it's one-size-fits-all, right?

Wrong. Condoms that are too small are much more likely to break during intercourse, and condoms that are too big are more likely to fall off. Both of those things kind of defeat the purpose of wearing a condom at all.

So The Condom Depot created a condom size chart to help people find their perfect size. Once you measure your penis size correctly, you can then find what size condom you should be using.

The average XL condom has a nominal width (the diameter near the opening) of 2.25 inches and a length of 8.1 inches. So if your penis is under those measurements, you really shouldn't be buying those XLs, my friend.

For those who aren't quite that well-endowed, you'll probably want to stick to small, regular or large condoms. See the measurements for them below.

  • Small: 1.75″ nominal width x 6.3″ long
  • Regular: 2.0″nominal width 7.9″ long
  • Large: 2.12″nominal width x 7.9″ long

Not all brands are the same, either, so make sure you're checking the box for the measurements before you buy!

Trust me, almost no sexual partners will be checking what size condom you're putting on when you guys are ready to do the deed. And if you're trying to impress the cashier at the Rite Aid you bought them from, you need to reevaluate your goals.

I can tell you guys one thing for a fact: Women care way more about not getting pregnant or STDs than they do about size.

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