Colorblind Guy Gets Super Emotional While Seeing A Sunset's True Colors (Video)

We’ve seen what the incredible EnChroma glasses can do before — but never like this.

In this emotional video, Aaron Williams-Mele tries on the revolutionary glasses for the first time to watch the sunset over the water in Norfolk, Virginia.

Williams-Mele looks around in awe as the person filming repeatedly asks him what it’s like to finally be able to see color.

He’s visibly affected by the vibrancy of the sunset and unable to respond much to his friend’s questions; he stammers and, choking back tears, eventually gets out a feeble,

It's f*cking crazy.

According to the video’s description, Aaron received the glasses as a birthday gift from his parents.

He had never been able to see color before this experience. Toward the end of the video, he even asks his friend what color the grass and flowers around him are, unsure how to decipher each hue.

It’s an incredibly beautiful, emotional moment, and it will make you feel so thankful for your ability to see the world.

Check it out up top, and learn more about EnChroma glasses here.