College Bans Drinking After Making The List Of Top Party Schools In The US

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Literally one day after the Princeton Review released its list of the top 20 party schools, Glenn McConnell, president of the College of South Charleston announced the school would be banning alcohol-related activities in fraternities and sororities.

Greek life is a huge part of CSC, so I'm sure this ban is totally harshing students' party vibes in the first week of school.

In a statement released on Tuesday, McConnell made no mention the school ranked 15th on the Princeton Review's list but said the ban was put in place after many related incidents.

He stated,

This is not a knee-jerk reaction to an isolated incident, but rather a serious response to a series of dangerous behaviors connected to some members of our fraternities and sororities, ranging from disruptive parties out in the community this month to recent medical transports related to extreme intoxication. Enough is enough. This type of reckless and dangerous behavior will not be tolerated. While we have a robust and comprehensive education and disciplinary conduct process for drug and alcohol abuse, clearly the message is not getting through to all students. At the College, the well-being and safety of our students are the highest priorities. We want our students to have an enriched, well-rounded experience, both academically and socially, but not at the expense of putting themselves and their peers in jeopardy.

So the ban is like a temporary timeout on drinking, but it still sounds like it has the weight of a punishment to me.

People are skeptical the ban didn't have anything to do with the list.

Also, isn't this move a little too late anyway? College kids will always find a way to drink. They're crafty and sneaky AF.

In the meantime, members of every chapter have to go through "additional education and training regarding alcohol and substance abuse, associated high-risk behavior and bystander intervention," according to his statement.

I'm picturing an online course of some kind that kids won't take seriously. Sigh. Maybe McConnell has more faith than I do in college kids.

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