Coachella And Bonnaroo Are Making 'Super Festival,' So Grab Your Flower Crown

Robert Kohlhuber

Music festivals are an essential part of life, and splurging on the right weekend pass can either make your summer or break it.

Recently, I've been stalking the lineups of my favorite festivals and counting pennies before deciding on one that seems worthy of my savings.

Luckily, I haven't gotten any tickets yet -- because I've just discovered a festival worth waiting for.

It's from the the producers behind Coachella and Bonnaroo, and will hopefully take place in Denver, Colorado, in September 2018.


That's right: The creators of the two biggest festivals in the country have plans to create a "super festival" that will take place in Colorado, Paste Magazine reports.

Yup. Start saving now because this festival is going to be life-changing.

AEG and Superfly -- the companies behind it -- are already conducting meetings to gain local support for the super festival.

Apparently, the teams hope to have the event in the Overland Park Golf Course in Denver, Colorado, and plan on drawing a crowd between 30,000 and 60,000 people.

Chuck Morris, the CEO of AEG, recently spoke to Westword about the tentative super festival plans -- and he seems optimistic.

He said,

The investment of festivals is an absolute bloody fortune, and we've just got to be sure. We're in the phase of looking at all options.

Right now, those in opposition to the festival are concerned about the golf course's property being damaged by the event. Locals are also uneasy about the fact that Denver's public lands will be used for private income gain.

Morris claimed the "Coachella-esque" music festival has been thought about since AEG's Mile High Music festival -- which also took place in Colorado -- shut down in 2010.

To me, it sounds like this is the perfect time for a trip to Denver. I'll be the first one online for tickets when they're released.

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