This Guy's Genius Move 5 Years Ago Might Earn Him $90K From Hillary Clinton


A man in Washington D.C. predicted a Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine presidential ticket five years ago, which is when he bought the domain name for $8. Now he's offering to sell it to Hillary for $90,000.

Jeremy Peter Green (who works under the pen name Jeremy Pegg) is a 28-year-old lawyer and comic artist who says he predicted the current ticket because, as he puts it, “Obama was looking at Kaine before he picked Biden, and I dunno, I felt he was a very likely gonna be a running mate.”

He'd also purchased and during the same period.

As for his price point, he explained to CNNMoney that the person who owned “was offered six figures for that.”

Until he sells the domain, he's using the website to promote his illustrated Harry Potter fan fiction, which depicts the presidential election through the prism of Harry Potter. Check them out here. They're pretty funny.

He was a Bernie Sanders supporter but has now switched over to Hillary — although he said he'd be open to selling the domain to Bernie, anti-Hillary groups or even Trump.

Saying this might just be an extremely smart negotiating technique and could start off a bidding war.

CNN's video interview ends with this extremely chill line:

I don't actually want to hurt the Clinton campaign, although I do want to sell the domain. So, I dunno. Whatever. We'll see.

I like him.