This Chrome Extension Turns Donald Trump Into Your Drunk Uncle At Thanksgiving

If you're sick of hearing about Donald Trump, then Google has something for you: the gift of blissful ignorance (and laughter -- lots and lots of laughter).

The tech giant unveiled a new Chrome extension earlier today, which hilariously auto-corrects any mention of "Donald Trump" to “your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving.”

Let's hope Uncle Trump uses Firefox.

The convenient feature, masterminded by Trump-hater and Google Developer Tim Bornholdt, allows users to read the news without having to pause every four seconds to roll their eyes or groan in contempt.

It's also really f*cking funny.

You can download the extension here (switch it on in Settings, which you can access via the "Window" tab) and get Googling to watch the wizardry in action.

See below for a snapshot of what your drunk uncle has been up to this week.

Your drunk uncle at Thanksgiving is the talk of the town today, according to Google.

He even has his own Wikipedia page!

And he's running for president!

Who said it? Probably your drunk uncle. At Thanksgiving.

He does get smarter when he drinks...

Wait, I spoke too soon.

Donations accepted in the form of gin, whiskey, scotch, beer or vodka (no tequila -- it makes your drunk uncle cry).

Ain't that the truth...

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