Texas Mom Shot Dead By Police After Killing Her Daughters

A 42-year-old woman from Texas was gunned down by police on Friday after leaving her two daughters in the street with bullet wounds.

The woman, Christy Sheats of Fulshear, Texas, shot her daughters in an incident stemming from a family dispute inside their home, CNN reports.

A neighbor described the scene to KTRK-TV, ABC's Houston affiliate, saying,

All I saw was the police officer aiming his rifle toward someone and saying 'drop your weapons'... Soon after that there were a lot of police cars that came.

According to KTRK's report, citing an eyewitness, the already wounded daughters, Taylor and Madison, along with their father, Jason Sheats, ran out of the house. Christy came outside, and then went back inside to reload, according to the eyewitness. After that point, with Taylor already collapsed on the ground, the eyewitness claimed Christy came back outside and shot Madison in the back.

A different neighbor told KTRK the shooting occurred on Jason's birthday.

Just last September, Christy had posted a tribute to her daughters on Facebook, expressing how she loved and treasured them.

Sadly, that love did not appear to be strong enough to prevent Friday's outcome, which ended with Christy being shot dead after she refused police orders to drop her weapon.

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