Man Arrested For Allegedly Killing His GF And Taking A Selfie With Her

A Chinese man was reportedly arrested after posting a selfie next to what seemed to be his dead girlfriend.

On September 6, police in Nanning, China set out to investigate a murder.

Later that day, police allegedly received additional reports about a photograph featuring a dead woman posted on an unspecified social network.

According to Daily Mail, the photo supposedly showed a man with the last name Qin near the allegedly dead body.

Other photos released by Chinese media show a rural, secluded area and a handsaw.

This caption was reportedly alongside the selfie:

Forgive me for my selfish love.

Qin is thought to have allegedly killed the woman after an argument at which point he took a photo next to the dead body and fled the scene.

The original post could only be viewed on local social media, but it was soon shared on numerous Chinese websites.

The photo had only been online for a matter of hours when Qin was reportedly arrested not far from the alleged murder setting.

Qin may not have been convicted just yet, however, as the death remains under investigation.

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