Chicago Removes The Sales Tax On Tampons, Proving They're Real Feminists

Chicago just scored some major feminist points after rescinding the city's sales tax on tampons and sanitary napkins, ABC News reports.

The Chicago City Council unanimously voted to remove the tax on Wednesday following the council's recommendation last week. Previously, the items were taxed 10.25 percent in Chicago as part of a "luxury tax" that has caused outrage as of late.

While rescinding the specific tax on tampons will only reduce Chicago's portion of that tax by 1.25 percent, at least it will correct an overtly sexist blunder. Thanks to this vote, tampons and pads are now considered medical necessities, as they should be.

Following Chicago's lead, at least seven states are now considering changing their legislation. In New York, five women are currently suing the state on the grounds that the tax on tampons is unconstitutional.

Let's just think of it this way: If male legislators had cramps and bled from their orifices every month, would special taxes even be a question?

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