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The CDC Issued Another Zika Virus Warning, But This Time It's For Men

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is back with more advice on what humans shouldn't do, thanks to the Zika virus, which is now a public health emergency, according to the World Health Organization.

On Friday, the CDC recommended couples, predominantly those expecting, avoid sexual transmission of the virus.

In three separate cases, the virus was potentially transmitted sexually through semen: One man spread Zika to a woman prior to exhibiting symptoms, another man is currently under investigation in Dallas, Texas and a third man's semen showed traces of Zika, though he had no sexual partners.

Contrary to some of the men above, there were no cases of women spreading the virus to partners.

The CDC suggested couples, predominantly those in which one of the partners traveled to a place where the Zika virus is present, either refrain from sex or use condoms with accuracy and regularity.

Aside from responsible sexual practices, the CDC also urged civilians to avoid contracting the disease from mosquitos by keeping arms and legs covered.

If travel to an area where the Zika virus was found is necessary, stay in a location equipped with air conditioning and screens in all windows and doors.

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