Caribou Coffee is offering Mondaymaker drinks as low as $1 every Monday until August 15

Caribou Coffee Has $1 Drinks Every Monday This Summer To Start Your Week Right

Here's your new Monday morning routine.

Caribou Coffee

Throughout July and August, Caribou Coffee will be offering drinks that are as low as $1 — yes, only one dollar. At the start of each week, the coffee chain will announce a drink dubbed the Mondaymaker and sell it at a sweet discount. Basically, you can’t afford to miss Caribou Coffee’s Summer Monday 2022 deal, because it’s the best way to kick off your week with a super-delicious drink that won’t dent your wallet.

The new deal goes into effect each Monday this summer, when a new signature beverage will be given the special Mondaymaker discount. The Mondaymaker drinks vary in price depending on the size you get: small drinks are $1, medium drinks are $2, large drinks are $3, and extra large drinks are $4. Four dollars for a drink bigger than your head is a steal! The promotion began on Monday, July 11, and will run through August 15, rolling out over the course of six weeks.

The promotion’s first Mondaymaker drink for July 11 brought down the price of all the chain’s bubble teas, and things took an even cooler turn when Caribou unveiled the second Mondaymaker selection. On Monday, July 18, Caribou Coffee will discount classic lattes for the $1, $2, $3, and $4 sized prices. The drink is as simple as it sounds, and it’ll just cost customers $1 for a small classic latte. Caribou Coffee serves carefully crafted espresso shots with just the right amount of frothed milk, hot or iced. It’s a drink that offers the jolt of energy you need to take on even the most chaotic Mondays.

Caribou Coffee

Based on the drinks that are fixed on the menu, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a cold brew or iced coffee could be a future drink added to the Mondaymaker roster. Caribou consistently offers an array of lattes and coffee drinks, so adding an iced coffee with a twist to the menu would surely make anyone’s Monday.

The drink deal is exclusive to their Mondaymakers, meaning it does not apply to every drink on the Caribou Coffee menu. The discount is offered on any Mondaymaker drink that is promoted that week. Any deal on iced beverages in the hot summer months is exactly what coffee (or tea!) lovers need, so be sure to check Caribou Coffee’s socials each Monday to see what tasty sip is getting the discount.