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Here's what to know about changing your interests on TikTok to customize your FYP.

Here’s How To See Exactly What You Want On Your TikTok FYP

All hits. No skips.

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Sometimes the TikTok recommendations on your For You Page aren't as on point as you'd like them to be. If you’re sick of skipping to the next video to see one you like, there’s actually something you can do about it. You can’t simply change your TikTok interests with the tap of a button, but you can customize your For Your Page to see more of the content you like. If your TikTok FYP needs a total refresh, here’s how you can update it according to your interests.

Customizing your TikTok For You Page isn’t a one-and-done process, but if you incorporate some simple steps into your daily scroll, you can be on your way to only seeing videos you love. In a June 2020 newsroom post, TikTok laid out what goes into creating your FYP: The algorithm takes into account which videos you like or comment on and categories you indicated an interest in when you signed up for the app. Then, it adds in some of the most-liked content from TikTokers on the app to see what's popular among a wide range of users. (With those additions, you might occasionally see a video that doesn’t seem relevant to your interests.)

When you first signed up for a TikTok account, the app prompted you to select interests to help customize your feed. There’s no direct way to change your interests on TikTok after that, but you can still adjust what you see by following TikTok's tips on customizing your FYP.

According to TikTok, your interest selection is only the starting point. The actions you take afterward, such as liking videos and engaging with content, will fine-tune what ends up in your suggested videos.

How To Change Your For You Page On TikTok:

  1. Open TikTok, tap on your profile, and then select the ellipsis icon (...) in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down to find "Free Up Space" under the "Cache & Cellular Data" category. Tap on it, then tap on "Clear" beside your cache.
  3. Next, go to your "For You" page again.
  4. Scroll through and find a video you don't like, then long-press on the post until you see an options menu come up. Tap "Not Interested" from the list. You can also get to the menu by tapping on the share button.
  5. You can keep repeating step 4 if you'd like, but you can also stop posts with specific sounds or from specific creators, too. To do that, long-press on a post with a sound or creator you don’t want in your FYP and select the "More" option beside "Not Interested." Then, choose "Hide videos from this user" or "Hide videos with this sound."
  6. In addition to hiding posts you don't like, make sure to hit "Follow," "Like," "Share," or "Comment" on posts that you do like.
  7. Finally, you can also search for specific posts you'd like to see, and the system will start picking up on your interests.

Because TikTok uses an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to gauge your likes and dislikes, you can customize your page over time by letting the app know when you like something and when you don't.


Once you begin letting TikTok know when you don't (or do) like something, you'll start seeing more of what you like on your For You Page. For example, I love animal videos, so I made sure to like animal posts, search for relevant terms, and hit "Not Interested" on videos without animals. Now, my For You Page is basically full of cute doggos and kittens.

It might take a few days for you to notice that you've successfully changed your interests on your TikTok FYP, but once they adjust, you'll be able to find the content you love without having to search for it.

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