Women In California Can Now Get Birth Control Without A Doctor's Visit

As of Friday, women can officially stop by any California pharmacy and pick up birth control without a physician's prescription. This law marks a big stride in finally giving women legal, independent control of their own bodies.

According to the LA Times, the law was originally passed by state legislators in 2013, but regulatory discussions prevented it from being enacted until Friday.

Joining Oregon and Washington, which both have similar laws, means the entire West Coast now allows women to get birth control whenever they want. Now you know definitively which coast has got the most.

While birth control is still not technically over-the-counter, all it takes is filling out a quick questionnaire and chatting with a pharmacist to select the right pill, patch or ring. Depending on the pharmacy, they may charge a small fee for the visit while the cost of the birth control itself will depend on your insurance plan.

There is no age minimum, so both teenagers and 40-year-old women can get on the pill.

This is also as good a time as any to remind women of all ages that birth control prevents pregnancy, but it does not protect against STDs and STIs. So definitely keep bagging it, ladies.

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