'Butches And Babies' Shows Badass Women Totally Shattering Gender Norms

Excuse me while I clean up the hot puddle of red goo on the floor that, before it melted, was my heart.

Tumblr user Meaghan O'Malley expanded the social perception of motherhood with her blog “Butches and Babies.” The blog plays host to photos of self-identifying butch women posing with soul-crushingly adorable babies.

In an interview with Bustle, O'Malley explained her impetus for creating a platform to represent this sweet, specific relationship.

She said,

While the number of celebrities embracing butch identities has increased dramatically over the past 10 to 15 years, the reality is that we don't see those people building families publicly…There is such power in representation, and such value in strong interpersonal relationships with people of all ages...I hope it encourages people who don't have butch friends in their life to find some, because the value of diversity in friendship is limitless.

The Bustle author, who self-identified as LGBT in the article, mentioned the complexities of gender can make it easy for women to be pigeonholed, often removing the opportunity for women who identify as butch to also identify as soft or sensitive.

Check out the photos below and see more on Butches + Babies.

B+B does nap time.

Butches + Babies
Butches + Babies

B+B does snack time.

Butches + Babies

B+B does skate time.

Butches + Babies

B+B does dress-up time.

Butches + Babies
Charlotte Barnes

B+B does bun time.

Butches + Babies

B+B does... OMG, nope. Too cute.

Butches + Babies

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