Burning Man Looks Like A Whole Different World In This Amazing Drone Footage

Burning man just happened.

You know this because everyone has at least three friends who have begun posting photographs on their social media accounts intending to make us jealous.

We are not jealous because they're iPhone pictures taken in a sandstorm and make Burning Man look like spending a few days in the anus of a mummy.

That's not to say Burning Man isn't cool -- I mean, it's obviously cool.

Sure, there are probably a bunch of people you don't like who go there, and if you attend it, you will surely meet some more people you really don't like. But a bonkers and somehow peaceful art festival in the desert where they set fire to a giant human scarecrow? You have to be extremely un-fun to hang out with if you don't think that is, at least, a little interesting.

It's hard to see why it's cool, of course, when the only evidence of it you see is uploaded onto Facebook from Ryan from Philosophy class who wore WWI pilot goggles the whole time.

To help see it a bit more clearly, you have to take to the skies. In the video above, we see the event exclusively through drone shots.

And it's pretty remarkable looking.

See? It's cool.

Although, I must be from New York 'cause half the time I was watching I was wondering where people were gonna lock up their bikes.

That's a whale sculpture. In the middle of the desert. That someone made and transported there for fun. That's a cool thing, people.

To enjoy it, all you have to do is just ignore the Ryans from Philosophy class... Burning man, as well as in life.