New Photos Of Suspect In The Brussels Airport Attack Were Just Released

REUTERS/CCTV/Belgian Federal Police

New photos were just released by authorities of a suspect in the March terrorist attacks in Brussels.

During the Brussels attacks, explosions were set off at the airport and in a subway station. There were three men reportedly involved in the attack at the airport. Two died when they set off suicide bombs, and the third is reportedly still at-large.

On Thursday, Belgium's Federal Prosecutor's Office released footage of the suspected third attacker.

The man apparently left the airport before the explosions were set off, according to the Associated Press. He walked through a nearby town and was last seen in northeastern Brussels on the morning of the attacks.

Belgian officials are asking members of the public for any information they may have on the man. They're asking if anyone on the path the man took that morning saw him or have photos or video that include him.

The suspect reportedly took off a jacket at some point, and officials hope someone found it.

Over 30 people died in the Brussels attacks on March 22, including several foreign citizens. The attacks occurred just four days after Salah Abdeslam, the suspected organizer of the fall attacks in Paris, was captured in Belgium.

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