Pimp Who Murdered GF Kept Her Head In Freezer, Told Authorities He 'Lived With Her'

by Sean Abrams
Lions Gate Films

A Brooklyn pimp was arrested for killing his girlfriend after authorities found her remains – including her head, hands and feet — in a freezer in the kitchen of his Flatbush apartment.

Somorie Moses, 40, was approached by the police regarding the whereabouts of his 32-year-old girlfriend Leondra Foster after they found her torso in a Bronx landfill, according to the NY Post.

Moses, a well-known Brooklyn pimp and registered sex offender, told officers he lived "with a girlfriend" when they asked if he lived by himself. Immediately after being approached, Moses stopped talking and asked for a lawyer.

It was only after authorities found a connection between Moses and the body-filled trash bags at the Hunts Point Metropolitan Transfer Station in the Bronx that they were able to obtain a search warrant for his apartment.

Once inside, police not only found Foster's body parts, but there was also random blood spatter and blood-soaked clothing belonging to unknown men and women.

Police originally charged Moses with concealing a human corpse and evidence tampering, but those charges have since been upgraded to second degree murder after directly connecting him to the heinous killing and dismemberment of Foster.

Leondra's father, Kenneth Foster, told the New York Post his daughter was beaten and abused by Moses for several months before her untimely death. Despite her father's pleas, Foster neglected to leave Moses' residence.

“We tried to get her to leave him, but she would just get mad at us," Foster said. “He has a thing against women."

The Brooklyn District Attorney's Office is handling the court case, for which Moses has pleaded “not guilty” under the guidance of defense attorney Amy Rameau.

He's currently being held in jail without bail.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez hopes to seek justice for the death of Fosters, which will hopefully deliver a little bit of closure for the rest of the Foster family.

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