Emotional Video Of Boy Seeing Color For The First Time Will Make You Cry

The ability to see colors is definitely up there on the list of things I, and probably you as well, take for granted nearly every single day.

It's a natural knowledge; it's not something any of us have ever really had to study, learn or practice.

But people like Cayson Irlbeck remind us what an actual blessing it is to see the world in all its many colors.

Cayson, a 10-year-old boy from Iowa, has deuteranopia (AKA colorblindness), a trait his parents discovered when he was in preschool.

Cayson's mother Jacque told NBC 2,

I think one moment that stands out for me was a basketball game where their jerseys were purple. And the opposing team came out wearing blue. And we knew he wouldn't be able to see the difference between those two colors.

From then on, she and her husband, Aaron, worried their son would continue to face similar struggles in the future.

After searching online, the Irlbecks discovered Enchroma Color For The Colorblind glasses and immediately bought a pair for Cayson.

He tried them on and was shocked by the new world he saw in front of him, as his parents had led him to believe he was just putting on normal sunglasses.

Jacque told Today,

We didn't want him to know ahead of time what we were doing or what was being put on his face because we wanted it to be a natural moment. And we didn't want to build up his hope any more than it already was if they didn't work.

Overwhelmed by his newfound color vision, Cayson threw his arms around his dad and hugged him tight.

Once Cayson fully realized the new scope of his vision, he walked around the backyard, eagerly naming the colors of different frisbees on the ground.

He told The Des Moines Register,

Everything popped out at me. Everything was brighter and more colorful. It was mind-blowing.

According to, the glasses boost color vision to "bring color to the color blind," and they'll set you back  retail anywhere from $330 to upward of $400, depending on the style.

But you can't really put a price on a touching reaction like Cayson's, can you?

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