This Boxer Chopped Off The Penis Of A Guy Who Had An Affair With His Wife

by Sheena Sharma

Welp, this boxer is definitely using his hands for, uh, interesting purposes.

Former boxer Ikki Kotsugai chopped off the penis of a lawyer who slept with his wife. Last August, 25-year-old Kotsugai used garden shears to get rid of the lawyer's penis. Then, he flushed it down the toilet. The lawyer whose penis he decided to chop off was his wife's boss at a legal firm.

Apparently, Kotsugai chopped his appendage off because he thought his wife was being forced to sleep with the lawyer. And he had good reason to as that's what his wife told him went down, according to the Sankei Shimbun daily newspaper. In reality, though, the sex between the two of them was consensual.

Today, Judge Kazunori Karei sentenced Kotsugai to four years and six months in prison.

"'An irreparable injury has been sustained," Karei said. He went on to add that Kotsugai's actions were "extremely dangerous and vicious."

Poor lawyer guy. Still, it looks like the boxer and lawyer have tried to make amends. Kotsugai apologized to the lawyer for chopping off his man-parts and the lawyer apologized for sleeping with Kotsugai's wife. I don't anticipate they're going to be besties, but hey, I'm glad the two of them are on civil terms.

Chopping penises off as a consequence of cheating seems to be a trend. Early last year, a Chinese woman chopped off her husband's penis with scissors (OW) because she caught him cheating on her. Her husband had left some email to his mistress open, which she found when she was browsing through his stuff. In another incident last year, a Japanese student chopped the penis off a man who slept with his wife. Just like the boxer, he flushed the penis down the toilet.

So if you find your spouse cheating, apparently you should just chop his penis off.

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