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This US City Wants To Build Villages Specifically For Millennials To Live In

The city of Boston decided the best way to keep Millennials from driving up housing prices is to give them their own towns.

According to TIME, a new report from a Massachusetts Senate committee proposes “Millennial Villages" to prevent such individuals from taking housing units meant for budding families.

The report states "between 2000 and 2008-2012," people aged 20 to 34 were responsible for 73.9 percent of the population increase that occurred in the Boston, Cambridge and Somerville areas.

Millennials apparently have a habit of cramming themselves into multi-bedroom homes formerly used by working families or simply smaller groups of people.

The report says,

Not only has this driven up the price of triple decker units by 95 percent between 2009 and 2015, rents continue to rise sharply under this demand pressure. As a result, families in Greater Boston are being priced out of the rental market and cannot afford to buy into the condominium market in the older housing stock.

The committee's suggestion involves the construction of small developments designed for single students or young, working professionals, according to Real Estate, a site.

This would free up multi-bedroom duplexes, garden apartments and triple-deckers for the families who need them most.

Building new homes for families in these areas is reportedly very expensive, so "Millennial Villages" may be more cost efficient in the long run.

The report doesn't include many details on the desired villages, but it does note the apartments would be of various sizes and prices.

All economic statuses "from the low-income graduate student to the more well-heeled student and young professional" would be accommodated.

Titled “Facing Massachusetts' Housing Crisis," the report additionally contains numerous solutions to homelessness and gentrification.

The central cause of these problems appears to be the lack of housing production amid a massive growth in population.

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