Bikini-Wearing Party Girl Got Tasered And Literally DGAF

Fridays, am I right everybody?!

Woo! The long week of work is finally coming to an end. We've got our bikini on. (In my case, a trikini, with one extra piece of fabric that I tie around my delicate neck.) The jams are pumping. We just gotta dance...

And we are standing on top of our car taunting police.


No? Just this girl?

This 26-year-old Australia woman was apparently on some sort of illegal drug and having a party for one down by the river.

It didn't take long for some of the locals to call the authorities, and soon there was a number of police officers trying to handle this party girl.

But free spirits can never be caged!


According to the report, the police spent an hour trying to calm the woman down.

But can you ask a bird not to fly? Can you ask the fun not to shine?

The woman started to become more irate with the police and even started violently throwing things at them. They were pretty patient, considering. In America, she'd probably be down on the ground in about 16 seconds.

It was only when the woman pulled out a knife that police thought, "Eh, okay, I guess we better taser her now..."

This is not how you want to end a party, believe me. Not that I've been tasered for partying too hard... Mom, dad, if you're reading this I just like to make jokes, you know me? Always joking.

Never tasered for dancing on top of a car down by the river. Not even twice.

But even after she was tasered she honestly DGAF. Not a single one.

She just took off into the woods (we assume, to rejoin with her free-spirited woodland party nymphs).

Check out the epic face off below.

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