The best Versailles Run TikTok filter memes feature people running from their problems.
This Filter Has TikTokers Running The Halls Of Versailles In Some Hilarious Memes

“Me trying to find the exit at IKEA.”


Get ready for a virtual trip to the Palace of Versailles because TikTokers are creating hilarious memes with a trend inspired by the palace that was home to the French monarchy. Thanks to a filter that places your face on a woman running through Versailles, TikTokers have come up with creative reasons for dashing down winding corridors. If you want to have some laughs worthy of royalty, check out the 16 best Versailles Run TikTok filter memes that put so many twists on the scenario.

TikTok has its share of augmented reality (AR) filters go viral, but the Versailles Run TikTok filter is a bizarre take that TikTokers are taking full advantage of. If you’re interested in why a cartoon woman dressed in Marie Antoinette-like garb would be running through the palace, you’ll want to see some of the hilarious TikToks that bring the filter to life. Some include escaping awkward situations, like when a friend tells your crush you like them, while others are more literal, like a dog running for an open front door.

As of Tuesday, May 25, the Versailles Run TikTok filter has been used in over 580,000 videos. The trend appears to have started on May 19 when several users began making memes with the AR filter. If you want to get in on the fun, most of the videos use the track “Makeup Queen” by оригинальный звук, but you could technically use whatever you want.

You can use the filter yourself by heading to TikTok’s camera and tapping “Effects” in the bottom-left corner. Versailles Run will appear under the “Trending” and “New” categories. As you get acquainted with the filter, check out the fire memes TikTokers have already made with it.

When A Dog Sees An Open Door

While most people used the filter to meme real life situations, some thought it was the perfect opportunity to make a meme about their dog. TikToker Ashlee Hilton @ashleehilton7 joked that a dog would take full advantage of an open front door.

When Dogs Eat Things They Shouldn’t

TikToker Hope Schwing @hope_schwing joked that her dog always runs away — similar to the filter — when she catches her pup eating something they probably shouldn’t be.

When Your Ghost Reappears

TikTok @fuckinextra joked that it’s easy to forget when someone’s ghosted you after they invite you over.

When You Try To Find The Exit At IKEA

Anyone who’s ever been inside an IKEA knows it’s basically a glorified maze filled with home items, as seen in this meme from TikToker Tucker Reynolds (@tuckercomedy).

When You Want To Finish That Bag Of Chips

TikToker Pierre Boo (@itspierreboo) joked that it’s almost impossible not to finish a bag of chips, even when you think you won’t.

When They Don’t Open Your Snapchat

TikToker Ariana Lee (@arianalee99) made a relatable meme about being left on unread for five minutes, despite your crush being active on Snapchat.

When You’re In A Rush To Ruin The Party

TikToker Ondreaz Lopez (@ondreazlopez) joked that he runs at the chance to “ruin” another song with his dance moves.

When There Are Secrets That Need To Be Shared

TikToker Dominis Gibbons (@dgibbsofficial) joked about the moment you decide to tell your BFF a secret you weren’t supposed to share.

When You Eat Something Spicy

The Spice King (@spicekingcam) made a meme about what happens when you don’t listen to the waiter about the spice level of a dish.

When Your Mom Is Psychic

TikToker Spencer (@spencewuah) joked that moms are always right when they say someone is no good.

When The Bells Rings

Trinity Marie (@its.tmariee) created a TikTok meme that calls out that one kid who couldn’t wait to get out of school.

When There’s Tea About That One Person

Dade Lucero’s (@dade_lucero02) joked about how you can’t spill the tea fast enough when it’s about certain people.

When You Accept A Free Drink

TikToker Hope Schwing (@hope_schwing) joked about those times at the bar when all you want is the drink.

When Your Friends Tell Your Crush You Like Them

TikToker Gio (@giofilmedthis) joked about dipping out when your friends talk to your crush about you.

When Karma Is What’s For Dinner

TikToker Marianne Rojas (@mariannefaith_12) made a meme about a rude customer receiving a bit of bad karma.

When The Coffee Hits

TikToker Munera (@iconiccpinkk) joked about when the first sip of coffee hits. Why does this happen every time?

If you love the Versailles Run TikTok filter memes way too much, check out the Versailles Run filter trend for plenty of other vids to check out for a ~royal~ laugh.