These best TikTok "AS" Adult Swim bumps are so creative.
TikTokers Are Getting Creative AF With The Best Adult Swim Bump Parodies

Put these vids on TV already!

by Daffany Chan
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If you’ve come across some vids with a discreet “AS” symbol as you’ve been scrolling TikTok, then you probably know all about the Adult Swim bump trend making the rounds on the app. After all, people from across the country have been joining in on the trend, which has users paying tribute to Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim with their own bumps. Even if you’ve never watched Adult Swim, you’ll want to check out these 13 best “AS” Adult Swim bumps on TikTok that are creative and hilarious.

If you’re wondering how the Adult Swim logo TikTok trend got started, it gets its inspiration from the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim OG bumps, which are basically mini commercials for the Adult Swim lineup. The bumps were typically in mundane settings with clever captions, and they were often used to get younger viewers to flip to another channel once Adult Swim was about to start (since it featured more NSFW content than other Cartoon Network shows).

TikToker @Vano 3000 put his own spin on the iconic skits by sharing his own Adult Swim bump of someone dressed up as Spider-Man on May 24, which revealed an Adult Swim logo at the end. For the video, he even created an original Adult Swim sound by sampling BADBADNOTGOOD’s “Time Moves Slow,” which other users have been using.

TikTokers have been sharing so many innovative bumps, with the Adult Swim or “AS” logo popping up everywhere from the thrift store to a baker’s kitchen. To give you a preview of what’s out there, check out these some of the best Adult Swim TikTok bumps.




TikToker @franticframes shared a video of them taping black shapes to the corner of an office, which eventually becomes the AS symbol. It’s captioned: “Life moves fast. It can be overwhelming. Make sure you put it in perspective.”


Birthday Suit


When you can’t figure out what to wear, check out this video by TikToker @mallllllen. The bump caption: “You have ‘nothing’ to wear? Then don’t wear anything at all... we don’t mind ;).”




To make engineering a little more fun, TikToker @abby_maltese shared a video with the caption, “You may not know what engineering is,” Later in the video, the text reads, “Neither do we.”


(Not) Coffee


TikToker @kellyemmrich put a spin on the trend with an animation of someone drinking out of a mug. The caption reads, “We know that’s not coffee in your mug, but we don’t judge.”




Even Spider-Man got in on the fun. TikToker @supvano (the creator of the trend) shared a video of someone dressed up in a Spider-Man suit walking through a subway station.




TikToker @bloodlobster went for a caption-less version with a video of an aerial view of herself working on a laptop from her bed. At the end, the disc drive opens and a CD with “AS” pops up.




The final result of TikToker @kawaii.klaws1’s manicure is, of course, a perfectly placed “AS.” In the video, the person painting the nails messes up nail art, but with a scrub and a reveal of an Adult Swim logo, a bump was born.




This video totally captures the feeling of long nights spent studying. TikToker @blacquarterzip is writing at the desk before leaning back in the chair and falling over completely.




This video shows TikToker @tristen046 behind an old, black-and-white television. As they go behind the TV, they appear on the screen, but when the TikToker comes back up to see themselves, there’s nothing but an “AS” logo.




TikToker @jayfitzman got creative with this video, which shows colorful buttons connected to an OG computer. It’s captioned, “If you don’t know what a button does, press it and find out. What’s the worst that can happen?”




This video by TikToker @marley.makes.things is a baker’s dream. It shows someone sprinkling powdered sugar over some treats to create an “AS” in sugar. There are no captions, but the end result speaks for itself.


This video by TikToker @puffboypayne turns a mini golf session into an innovative bump. As the golf ball misses where it’s seemingly supposed to land, it makes its way past the green to complete an “AS” made entirely of golf balls. It’s captioned, “Just because you’re supposed to belong somewhere... doesn’t mean you won’t fit in somewhere else.”




TikToker @infortniteimillyrock shared a video of a movie theater employee sweeping up popcorn with the hilarious caption, “4 billion years of evolution, and you still find a way to spill all your popcorn.”




This video by TikToker @coolcatsummer shows someone browsing through different black shirts at a thrift store before coming upon a shirt with the Adult Swim symbol. It’s has a slightly dark but very Adult Swim-esque caption: “Don’t waste your money on new clothes when you can buy someone’s dead grandma’s clothes. Think smarter, not harder.”

The #adultswimbump tag on TikTok has 254.3 million views as of June 15, so there are plenty more videos you can check out for inspo or to just enjoy watching, because there are seriously so many cool ones out there.

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