Bernie Sanders' Hack Lets You Call White House And Trump Is Definitely Pissed


If you've tried to call the White House lately to give Donald Trump a piece of your mind, you might have noticed the comments phone line is still not working.

Instead, the comments phone line is redirecting callers to the White House website or Facebook page.

However, it turns out Bernie Sanders may have blessed the world with a genius hack to get around the closed phone line issue.


That's right. The digital team from Sanders' presidential campaign, Revolution Messaging, created a calling tool that will transfer your call right to Donald Trump's business line.

Seriously, how convenient is that?


Last year, Revolution Messaging worked on a project to encourage Trump to divest from his business while taking on the role of president. The result was a website called

All you have to do is visit the webpage and fill out a simple form that provides your email and phone number. Then, you'll receive a call that randomly connects you to one of the Trump properties located around the world.


Obviously, there's a pretty good chance you may just be connected to one of Trump's hotels or golf courses, but you can still give the receptionist an important message for the president.

If you're not exactly sure how to approach the situation, don't worry. The website even gives you a helpful hint by suggesting you say something along the lines of, "Tell management that until Trump steps away from his businesses for real, their property is no different from the Oval Office and you want to talk about the issues that matter most."

But that's not all.

White House Inc. also provides you with a list of Bernie-backed topics you can discuss during your call, such as federal funding for women's reproductive health, the Affordable Care Act, student loans and building that damn wall, of course.


The website basically considers all of Trump's properties to serve as "satellite White Houses all over the world."

So if you can't get your message to the man on the White House phone line, the website will connect you to a variety of Trump's phone lines so you can finally have your voice heard by a real person who works for the president.

Thanks, Bernie!

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