Beagles See Grass For The First Time After Being Rescued From Test Labs (Video)

I believe animal testing is easily one of the most horrific practices on the planet.

Most people assume the only critters tested on are lab-bred animals such as rats or mice, but in reality, domesticated animals are often subjected to the abuse, too — animals like poor, innocent beagles.

Regardless, I think animal testing is never OK, no matter the creature.

Fortunately, there are countless people and organizations committed to fighting the practice, and recently, one of those organizations scored a major win.

The Beagle Freedom Project managed to free 38 pups during a multi-state rescue earlier this month. In the video above, the rescued beagles take their very first steps on grass after being locked in cages for their whole lives.

It's at once heartening and heartbreaking, but knowing these sweet pups will soon find loving homes is cause for celebration.

Check out the video above, and feel free to learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project's inspiring cause (and donate).

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