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If You Have Some Extra Money, You Can Rent This Super Private Island

The world is full of beautiful private islands, but this one can literally be yours in its entirety for the ultimate vacation.

Property developers Charlie and Carrie McCulloch of Berkshire, England own Ariara Island in the Philippines, according to CNN.

About four years ago, the couple began renting out the 125-acre paradise to guests looking to truly feel at home with its beaches, forests and coral-filled waters.

Charlie told CNN,

There are not very many places like this. But it was always my idea of perfection.

Ariara is about four hours travel time from Manila, far from the more popular tourist destinations within the Philippines' 7,000+ islands.

In addition to transporting fuel to the island and finding people to build structures for guests, leasing the property from the government was incredibly difficult, Carrie recalled.

But, the incomparable level of relaxation and privacy guests now experience appear to be well worth the struggle of getting the exclusive island started.

Carrie said,

Even if you have a beautiful suite in a hotel, or a villa in a resort, ultimately, you have to turn the music down! [At Ariara], you can have it as loud as you want!

Parties of up to 18 people are charged $500 per person per night to stay for a week or more, excluding costs of alcohol and fuel for boats.

Therefore, a typical one-week stay can cost between about $30,000 and $60,000.

Guests have a 30-person staff at their disposal and are allowed special requests ranging from food options to personal yoga instructors.

Many staff members are former fishermen who now handle multiple jobs on Ariara.

The McCullochs were exceptionally cagey when asked about their guests, only revealing some come from Australia, the UK, China and South Korea. Several guests have reportedly rented the island multiple times.

Ariara is apparently booked, however, just a third of the time it is available for rent.

Charlie admitted business needs to pick up, but insisted there is still plenty of money coming in to maintain the island's facilities and draw a profit.

The McCullochs previously took their three sons to Ariara for vacation, but guests shouldn't expect to see the family during their stay.

The owners maintained the island only feels like home if there are no other people besides the single group of guests.

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