Hold The Phone: Apple's New iOS Update Will Have Taco And Burrito Emoji

JUSTICE! There are finally taco and burrito emoji!

Let me paint for you a scenario we've all been in before.

It's 2 am, you just stumbled out of a bar/club/wine tasting after a long night of drinking, and you're now looking to get some food in your stomach before you go to sleep.

Sure, you can write out a text like an IDIOT to whomever you're with saying something along the lines of, “Yo, let's hit up TB rul quick before we go home” or you can smoothly and casually hint at wanting to procure some tacos by using a set of emoji.

The only problem is you can't use emoji because, for some God-awful reason, taco emoji don't exist.

So, you end up sending the “Yo, let's hit up TB rul quick” text to your friend, who then tells everyone,

(Insert name) uses WORDS in text messages!? What a dumb rube. We all hate (insert name) now. Let's tell all the people who (insert name) is romantically interested in that (insert name) smells terrible.

Then, Dianne hates you because she thinks you smell terrible, and she ends up marrying your best friend.

Like I said, we've all been in that scenario.

Thanks to iOS 9.1's taco and burrito emoji, this nightmare situation will never happen again.

iOS 9.1 is a very important software update. It contains taco and burrito emoji. — Ryan O'Donnell (@ryanodonnell) September 9, 2015

Mashable reports the latest iOS update, currently only available to beta testers, boasts a few new emoji in several categories including a race car, a unicorn, an emoji that flips you the bird (aka gives you the middle finger) and -- effing finally -- taco and burrito e-stickers!

The update reportedly releases to the public on September 16, but if you can't wait until then, you can try joining Apple's Developer Program to test it out early.

OK! You hear that, Dianne? I don't smell terrible! It was an emoji thing! Someone tell Dianne I don't smell terrible!

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