Apple Claims This New iPhone Is Rose Gold But Everyone Thinks It's Pink

It appears among the changes customers will see between the current iPhone 6 and the upcoming 6S announced yesterday, the most groundbreaking change is the pink finish now available for consumers who consider themselves deluxe bitches.

There are plenty of us out there.

Financial responsibility is in the wind for the moment because this isn't an issue of want; it's an issue of need.

True, Apple insists the 6S is rose gold, but no one really has time for that kind of fake-British-accent-level pretense.

Yes everybody.. the specific color name is Rose Gold. It's not pink. YA I GET IT. But it's still PINK to me. — Lydia Izzati (@LydiaIzzati) September 10, 2015
The iPhone 6s isn't "rose gold" it's pink — 6God (@J4CKMULLx) September 10, 2015

The hysteria is not without its moments of doubt, but any good diva knows to push right through it.

But, there is always someone who, regrettably, cannot keep up with the flossy lifestyle of those who will trade daily meals for fly ways to text their baes.

Sadly, we must wish him well and leave him in the woods to fend for himself because we have some bougie calls to make and cannot afford to hold up.

Readers, stop what you're doing and just meet me outside the Apple store.

I will bring a generator and a keg of wine for a luxurious camping experience.

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