This New iPhone Charging Method Is Perfect If You're Super Forgetful


With every great technological development, there comes a drawback.

For our generation, it's the iPhone charger.

Has there ever been a chat in the history of Slack where one of your co-workers hasn't asked to borrow an iPhone charger? Can you actually name a time when you weren't low on battery and forced to shut down your phone?

Nope and nope.

We've all been there, and we all understand the struggle. Fortunately, these scenarios might become a thing of the past -- so if you're inclined to forget your gear at home, you're in luck.

Apple was granted a patent for a system that allows wireless signals emitted from routers to charge your device. In other words, all you might need to do is connect to the location's WiFi to charge your phone.

Yup. Don't bother trying to untangle the chord.

What's even better is the fact this new design requires routers that could boost router systems with even more output power. From there, a receiver in the iPhone can convert more juice to your battery.

You know what that means, don't you?


This allows more time for messaging the cute guy you met online and more time to take uber-flattering FaceApp pics (which, hopefully you're not sending to the cute guy — let him see you age naturally and not by means of a cellphone app).

You're going to have a battery life that's more energetic than you sprinting out of work at 5 pm on a Friday.

But we should warn you... you probably shouldn't get too excited just yet. According to Mashable, "We're still a ways off from truly practical untethered power sources for our phones."

Fear not, though — there are a few smart cookies out there in the tech field who will pull through for us.

In the meantime, try deciding on a color for the iPhone 8 to take your mind off your charging woes.

Oh, and don't forget to put the charger in your bag before you leave for work.

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