Apple Just Announced A New Emoji Feature That'll Totally Change How You Text


Apple announced a new set of iMessage features at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday.

The features are similar to ones you can get on other apps -- like Snapchat and Venmo -- mostly meaning they are super helpful and fun things that Apple is wise to incorporate into its products.

Just like in Venmo, iMessage will now provide automatic suggestions for emoji use. So, if you type "pizza," for instance, it'll suggest you use the pizza emoji. Emojis will also apparently be larger.

That's far from everything the new iMessage has to add. You can now use third-party apps, like Square, in iMessage.

You can also put music in iMessage, and links will show up looking like they do on Twitter, essentially.

Remember how I told you iMessage was becoming like Snapchat? It's seriously true. Apple introduced a new feature where you can send pictures in iMessage and scribble all over them. We have no clue where they could have gotten that idea from.

There's also this weird thing called "bubble effects," according to Business Insider, where you can make texts in your iMessages bigger or smaller for emphasis. Maybe that'll help with the whole "tone doesn't translate over text" thing, and everyone will finally get your sarcasm.

There's also a feature called "invisible ink" where you can send a message that is blurred out until someone swipes his or her finger over it. This will probably be most useful for mid-day sexting, to be honest.

Basically, Apple is making it so you never, ever have to leave iMessage, and we will all be forever held in Apple's constricting grasp.

At least it looks pretty!

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