The Way Ants Survive A Flood Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

There's a lot we can learn from nature.

Take, for example, the tiny fire ant, which recently showed us all how working together can help us get through a crisis.

Following the devastating rain and deadly flooding in South Carolina, Fox News reporter Adrian Acosta found what he thought to be piles of mud.

However, upon further inspection, Acosta realized those little patches were floating islands of ants.

Saw these clumps of mud floating in flood water....then took a closer look...unexpected#ants Posted by Adrian Acosta on Sunday, October 4, 2015

In 2011, engineering professor David Hu and graduate student Nathan J. Mlot at Georgia Institute of Technology explained the phenomenon to National Geographic. Mlot said,

They'll gather up all the eggs in the colony and will make their way up through the underground network of tunnels, and when the flood waters rise above the ground, they'll link up together in these massive rafts.

The two added, in essence, the tiny ants will hold hands to survive.

Don't worry, the ants on the bottom of the raft are safe as well thanks to tiny hairs on their little bodies that trap air for them to breathe.

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