Ann Coulter Got Roasted After Confusing Beyoncé With Nicki Minaj


Author and conservative pundit Ann Coulter majorly screwed up while trying throw shade at Michelle Obama on Friday with an embarrassing tweet to her 1 million followers.

She (incorrectly) quoted Nicki Minaj to prove a point about the First Lady, but she confused Minaj for Beyoncé.

Because they're basically the same, right? Ugh.

The tweet reads:

Good one, Coulter. Why drag Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj into this anyway?

And hey, before you try to throw shade at Michelle Obama, can you please at least get your facts straight?

Let's just break down her fuckups in this tweet.

First of all, like I said, she was trying to quote Nicki Minaj in the Beyoncé song, "Flawless."

The actual line goes: "Curvalicious, pussy served delicious."

Yeah... awkward.

Coulter tweeted about this in the first place because she was calling out Michelle Obama's response to Donald Trump's infamous "grab them by the pussy" comment.

That comment was revealed in an "Access Hollywood" video from 2005, which was never seen before until now. The whole conversation is frankly disgusting.

So, Michelle Obama made a speech at a New Hampshire rally on Thursday, where she addressed his lewd comments.

She said,

Her speech was incredibly powerful and couldn't have been more on point.

Hillary Clinton on YouTube

Meanwhile, here's Coulter confusing two successful artists while trying to make a point about references to sex in pop culture and completely missing the mark.

People weren't quiet about letting her know she screwed up.

I hope anyone else who likes to throw shade on Twitter can learn from Coulter's embarrassing mistake.

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