Anchor Posts Moving Tribute To GF 1 Year After She Was Fatally Shot On Live TV


Chris Hurst has not forgotten his love.

With Friday marking a year since Hurst suffered a public loss -- his girlfriend and co-worker, Alison Parker, having been gunned down on live TV -- the news anchor posted a tribute on Facebook.

He posted another tribute earlier this week as well.

Hurst and Parker, who worked for WDBJ-TV in Virginia, were not only a couple; they lived together and were thought of as a pair sure to get married one day.

In feature done by The Washington Post's Ian Shapira last December, four months after the August 2015 shooting that claimed his girlfriend's life, Hurst was described to be living with mementos of Parker all around him.

Shapira wrote, for example, Hurst still has all of Parker's dresses in their closet, and many of the articles of clothing the news anchor wore were picked out by Parker.

Parker and Hurst had been dating for nine months at the time of the shooting, which saw a former WDBJ employee kill both Parker and another co-worker, 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward, while the two journalists were reporting on a story.

Ward was also in a relationship with a woman he met at WDBJ, having been engaged with Melissa Ott. Ott just happened to be working her last day at WDBJ when tragedy struck her fiance.


Even though the two journalists are gone, they have not been forgotten, particularly by their colleagues.

On Friday morning, WDBJ took a moment of silence to remember Parker and Ward.

Hurst, however, won't be at the station today. According to CNN, the anchor went on a rafting trip in North Carolina with some of Parker's family and close friends.

Hurst told CNN Friday would be a "very difficult day because it reminds us of how she died and how utterly inhumane it was."

Clearly, the loss still stings.

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