Amazon Prime Members Are Getting A Huge Discount On The Newest Android


For millennials of a certain age, the Nokia 3310 is synonymous with childhood.

The 33-what? You're probably wondering.

Well, the unbreakable brick, of course. You know the one. This guy:


This once-ubiquitous phone did. not. quit. You could drop it down a flight of stairs, spill water on it, lose it for days on end and still have enough battery life to see you through the weekend -- all while playing a game or five of Snake.

And yet, the Finnish phone company, once the dominant player in the mobile phone game, virtually disappeared when Apple and Android came onto the scene. Nokia's inability to keep up with Apple and Android's understanding of software and consumer demands led to its mobile empire's demise.

Or, near-demise.

Now, Nokia is back, and better than ever. Or, at least, more adaptable than ever.

Back in February, the company announced the launch of a series of sleek Android phones, of which the Nokia 6, their flagship Droid, is getting raves. The phones were immediately available in China, but Americans had to wait for what is like a more affordable Samsung Galaxy.


Until now. At least -- if you're an Amazon Prime subscriber.

As part of Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phones program, which sells phones on the cheap, you can now get the Nokia 6 for $179 (which will retail for $229 for non-Prime members), Mashable reports. That is -- so long as you're cool with Amazon ads running on your lock screen.

You can pre-order today, and phones will start shipping in early July. For non-Prime members -- plebes -- you can start buying the 6 in July for the full $229.

Personally, I'm not sure a constant (or near-constant) stream of ads on my lock screen is a fair trade for saving a couple bucks. Then again, I had the same LG flip phone from the time I was 18 until the hinge literally broke when I was 24. So maybe I'm not the best person to ask about these kinds of things.

And anyways, while the 6 sounds cool and fancy and everything, I can find zero confirmation that it includes Snake. Which, I mean, come on. Know your market, Nokia.