This 'Mexico Will Pay' Costume Is A New Low For Amazon


Donald Trump's rhetoric strikes again -- this time in the form of an offensive spandex onesie for sale on Amazon.

The costume shows a white brick wall graphic print with the words "Mexico will pay" scrolled across the chest, a promise Donald Trump made continuously (and failed to keep), as he made statements that verbally criminalized Hispanics during his run for president.

Chicano activist, Jerónimo Saldaña of the Mijente activist group, has petitioned Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to remove the costume, reports The Huffington Post.

The petition reads,

Trump's promise of a border wall soon grew into an anti-immigrant chant that has been used to taunt Latinx children in classrooms, playgrounds, and school sporting events. The "costume" advertised on Amazon's website promotes this despicable xenophobia and is nothing more than a modernized version of a Ku Klux Klan robe.

It ends with this declaration:

The Latinx community will not sit idly by as companies like Amazon help to further normalize white supremacy. Attacks on our culture and our families will not be tolerated and we demand that Amazon remove this "costume" from its website immediately.
Attacks on our culture and our families will not be tolerated.

The costume actually doesn't even line up with beliefs Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has shared.

In January, Bezos released  a lengthy statement to Amazon employers opposing the Muslim ban and Trump's stance on immigration, reports Forbes.

The company also supported a lawsuit from the Washington State Attorney General against the order. Bezos wrote,

"We're a nation of immigrants whose diverse backgrounds, ideas, and points of view have helped us build and invent as a nation for over 240 years. No nation is better at harnessing the energies and talents of immigrants. It's a distinctive competitive advantage for our country—one we should not weaken."

Still, there's no word on if Bezos will remove the costume.

Bezos has a tumultuous history with Donald Trump, who has criticized the CEO and accused him of controlling the Washington Post, having an "antitrust problem" and avoiding taxes (ahem, go figure), reports Fox News.

Jeff Bezos responded with a little shade of his own...

But softened his stance on Trump once he won the 2016 election.

The petition has been up for about four days and reached its 200-signature goal on Tuesday.