Alabama Councilman Says God Told Him To Put A Ban On Saggy Pants

An Alabama councilman cited advice from above as his reason for trying to outlaw exceedingly loose pants.

According to The Daily Beast, Frank Goodman, 66, first proposed banning saggy pants in the city of Dadeville, Ala. around 2008, but was unsuccessful.

The city councilor claimed to continue to be plagued by the style whenever he ventures out.

Goodman told The Daily Beast,

Seeing the young boys with pants hanging down, having to walk wide-legged, holding their pants up to keep them from falling down -- now it's gotten real bad. It's something I couldn't take no more.

He prayed to God, who apparently told him wearing saggy pants would most definitely not grant one a ticket to heaven.

Goodman added,

I know that God would not go around with pants down.

So he proposed the ban on "busting slack" again, though it's not clear exactly how low one's pants would have to be to warrant punishment.

At a recent council meeting, Goodman said saggy pants are a negative influence on children and could very well sway the outcome of a job opportunity.

He reportedly explained,

I think slacking is disrespectful. I think it gives our younger generation the wrong impression of what is cool.

Councilwoman Stephanie Kelley was apparently concerned the legislation might be unfair to men, so she suggested adding bans on exceedingly short skirts and shorts.

Kelley explained the additions to The Daily Beast. She said,

We just want to make sure people are decent. My comment was if they are going to point at the guys, they should point at the girls too. When you got on short shorts or a short skirt, leaving nothing to the imagination… it's like you're advertising.

The proposed bans will likely be submitted at an upcoming council meeting and may then be voted on, Huffington Post reports.

Wearing saggy pants currently results in an initial $50 fine in Jefferson Davis Parish, La., and offenders are charged another $100 for every repeat instance.

Up until last year, the style was reportedly punished by up to $500 and 60 days in jail in Ocala, Fla.

That ban was repealed when a local NAACP chapter threatened to sue the city, saying the law was specifically designed to affect young black males.

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