Adnan Syed From The 'Serial' Podcast Was Just Granted A New Trial


If you've listened to the first season of the hit podcast "Serial," then you've become familiar with the story of Adnan Syed, a man who was arrested at age 17 for the murder of his then-girlfriend and fellow classmate, Hae Min Lee, back in 1999.

According to The New York Times, Syed has been granted a new trial by the Baltimore Circuit Court. The news broke after a tweet published by Syed's lawyer Justin Brown announced Judge Martin Welch's decision to grant the 35-year-old a retrial.

Syed, who has continuously expressed his innocence since being convicted in 2000, has served 16 years of a life sentence so far.

The New York Times reports Syed's lawyer, Justin Brown, was asked if he thought a retrial would have been granted without the creation of "Serial" while at a press conference in Baltimore. Brown simply stated, "I don't think so."

There's no doubt that the creation of "Serial," which has been downloaded over 100 million times around the world, helped shine a bright light on Syed's case and allowed room for speculation on whether or not the man had been given a fair trial in the first place.

When asked his thoughts on whether or not he sees Adnan Syed being released from jail at some point, Brown revealed,

Judge Martin Welch's decision to grant a retrial sparked a number of congratulatory comments from Twitter users including an expressive tweet from one of Syed's family friends, Rabia Chaudry, who also played a huge role in exposing "Serial" creator and host Sarah Koenig to the murder case.

Aside from the podcast's exposure of Syed's case on a national level, Syed expressed that his initial defense counsel's negligence played a huge role in the ruling. Along with his legal team, Syed presented new evidence along with the testimony of an alibi witness.

But did all of this make a difference in such a convoluted story?

The Times reports,

We'll just have to wait and see where Syed's retrial takes his real-life battle.

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