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These Actionmoji meanings on Snap Map will help you decode your friends' actions.

You Can Share What You’re Doing With A Cute Actionmoji On Snap Map

Rep your real life with your Bitmoji in a few taps.

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Snapchat’s Snap Map is a fun way to keep tabs on your BFFs and share what you’re doing with your crew. You’ve likely seen your friends’ Bitmojis (and your own) doing anything from driving a car or trick-or-treating. That’s thanks to Actionmoij, which Snapchat introduced in 2017. There are so many options, but figuring out the meaning of each Actionmoji can be a little tricky. Here’s everything you need to know about the Actionmojis that keep your Bitmoji busy on Snap Map.

When you open the Snap Map, you’ll see your Bitmoji and your friends’ Bitmojis who have opted into location sharing. Sometimes you’ll notice a Bitmoji doing an action you’ve never seen before. The different actions available in Actionmojis make it easy to share what you’re up to on the Snap Map. As of Oct. 29, there are 136 Actionmojis you can choose from, and they all have different meanings, although none of them are too difficult to understand.

If you want to show your Bitmoji drinking a cup of coffee, studying, or doing another action, you can select an Actionmoji doing just that. Whatever your Actionmoji is doing is exactly what it means. There are Actionmojis of your Bitmoji hugging a giant latte or sitting in a takeout container of noodles, and that just means you’re eating or really want your Bitmoji to be all about the food. In more of a chill mood? Your Actionmoji can lay in a bean bag or on a bed.

To change your Actionmoji, open the Snap Map and tap on the “My Bitmoji” button on the bottom-left corner. There, you can scroll through different Actionmojis. When you select an Actionmoji, it stays on the Snap Map for four hours.


If you’ve ever wondered, “Why is my Bitmoji doing yoga?” or “Why is my Bitmoji in a block of ice?” there’s a simple explanation for when your Bitmoji is doing an action you didn’t choose. Some Actionmojis can only be automatically applied. For example, if you’re at an airport, your Bitmoji will look like it’s on an airplane, or your Bitomoji might show you’re driving if you’re in the car.

According to an explanation in a July 2018 tweet from Snapchat Support, “Actionmojis use signals from your phone to guess what you're up to.” They included an example of your Bitmoji showing up in an Actionmoji at the beach if you’re by the ocean. Actionmojis only automatically update when you open the app, or when you’re actively using it. The app takes in your location, time of day, and speed of travel.


Snapchat also adds seasonal Actionmojis throughout the year, such as fun options like trick-or-treating for Halloween. You can stay updated in the Snap Map by looking through the Actionmoji list under the “My Bitomoji” tab.

If you prefer to keep your location on the DL, you can easily opt-out of sharing your location on Snap Map. To turn it off (or on) you can toggle the option that says “Ghost Mode” in the settings at the top-right corner of the Snap Map screen.

Updating your Bitmoji with Actionmojis throughout the day is a fun way to share what you’re doing with your friends — and there are so many options to help you switch it up. Plus, you can always turn it off in a couple of taps when you don’t want anyone to see you hugging a giant cup of coffee.

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