This Airline Will Let You Access Your Boarding Pass Via Facebook Messenger

I think it's safe to say Facebook is no longer just a social media platform.

The company, which now offers in-app shopping, among other things, recently signed on with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to allow travelers to complete flight bookings directly via its Messenger app.

Using the app, customers will be able to chat with customer service, re-book tickets, access boarding passes and receive information regarding flight status and itineraries, making the often-stressful process of traveling a whole lot easier.

The deal marks Facebook's first foray into the aviation industry, but not its first with the travel industry.

Last year, Hyatt Hotels began using Facebook Messenger for customer service requests, while ride-share companies Uber and Lyft allow customers to book cars via the app.

Messenger's recent business ventures represent the company's attempts to make Facebook a one-stop destination for all of users' social and consumer needs. Other apps, particularly the Asian WeChat, already have similar systems in place.

As up to 80 percent of US travelers have Messenger installed on their phones, airlines could benefit significantly from using the app to serve customers' needs.

It's likely more airlines will follow in KLM's footsteps and seek to develop partnerships with Facebook's messaging service — meaning the social platform is probably going to be an even bigger part of your life than it is now in the very near future.

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