6-Year-Old Boy Makes The 911 Call That Saves His Grandfather's Life

A 6-year-old boy displayed incredible composure and followed instructions during a life-saving 911 call.

According to Fox8 News, 84-year-old Willard Sumner was home with just his grandson, Trevor Fowler, in Burlington, North Carolina when he suffered a heart attack. Sumner asked Fowler to call 911, and the boy carefully informed the operator of the situation without breaking a sweat.

Of the boy's calmness, the 911 operator who took the call said,

If adults would do that, it would be so easy.

Emergency medical services arrived, and thanks to Fowler, his grandfather is alive and well. Fowler told Fox8 his mother is a diabetic, so he practiced calling 911 several times.

The following video features audio of Fowler's call and an interview with the boy, who may have the best southern accent in existence.

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