Teen Logged In Police Database After Nude Selfie Ends Up In Wrong Hands

A 14-year-old teen reportedly has his name entered into a British police database for 10 years after he sent a naked picture of himself to another teen at his school.

According to an interview with the BBC, the teen, who chose to go by the alias “Simon,” was at his father's house when he sent a naked Snapchat of himself to a female he flirted with at school.

The teen took a screengrab of Simon's picture before the photo auto-deleted and showed it to some of her friends. The picture started to circulate around the student body, eventually making its way to a police officer assigned to the school.

The officer then recorded it as a crime.

According to Simon's mother, the police officer told her this record could affect him getting a job in the future if Simon applied to an employer that flags applications with names linked to a Criminal Records Bureau report.

The case is even tougher because Simon has this report on file even though he was not arrested or charged with anything -- only the crime of making and distributing indecent images was recorded against him.

Socially, this whole situation took its toll on Simon, who told the BBC,

I didn't want to talk to people at lunches -- I'd normally just get my food and go outside, but now I go to the library and get a book. People teased me about it. I wouldn't consider it bullying, it's just what happens to everyone when people find out.

Way to ruin sending naked selfies, the government.

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