Twitter Destroyed Troy Ave For Allegedly Selling 30 Copies Of His Album


Just recently, 50 Cent said he sees the similarities between himself and 29-year-old Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave.

50 Cent said,

However, one thing the two do not have in common is album sales.

Troy Ave dropped his album, Major Without a Deal, last week, and after it was first reported he sold less than 4,500 copies, including only 30 physical CDs, Twitter went HAM.

As you can see, people don't give a f*ck.

However, a report from Billboard proves the numbers everybody is basing the sales with were from incomplete data.

The report reads,

So, Troy Ave's album didn't flop as badly as people originally thought, but that just goes to show you timing is everything in the music industry.

As for Troy Ave and his thoughts on the negative attention, he's just going to let the money do the talking.

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