Twitter Destroyed Troy Ave For Allegedly Selling 30 Copies Of His Album

Just recently, 50 Cent said he sees the similarities between himself and 29-year-old Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave.

50 Cent said,

But it's a new version, it's a new way. I think it pays homage to the things that I've done already. ...he grew up during the time period where that was the most-effective music out at that point. So it affected him creatively and that's cool.

However, one thing the two do not have in common is album sales.

Troy Ave dropped his album, Major Without a Deal, last week, and after it was first reported he sold less than 4,500 copies, including only 30 physical CDs, Twitter went HAM.

Troy ave deadass only sold 36 hard copies!! — Mos Def (YasiinBae) (@JuanGleesh) June 12, 2015
Nigga troy ave made 28,000 dollars because 4,000 people bought his indie album thats TRASH for an artist with his visibility — Miracle THOTS (@SydneyA) June 12, 2015
Troy Ave spent more on his album than he got back ...... — Coach (@Kcarter915) June 12, 2015 
you would think NYC would support Troy ave. they ain't had a real star in forever. — Bran Dolezal (@_LowKeyG) June 12, 2015
Troy ave is a fucking loser. — Her. (@ThisisnotGoldie) June 12, 2015

As you can see, people don't give a f*ck.

However, a report from Billboard proves the numbers everybody is basing the sales with were from incomplete data.

The report reads,

Further, the physical version of Major Without a Deal was not released until Tuesday, June 9 -- two days after the most recent tracking week ended. Any CD copies of the album that were sold in the week ending June 7 (it was indeed a negligible figure) were CDs sold by retailers who ignored the physical CD's street date, and opted to sell the CD early. These sales are often referred to as 'street date violation' sales.

So, Troy Ave's album didn't flop as badly as people originally thought, but that just goes to show you timing is everything in the music industry.

As for Troy Ave and his thoughts on the negative attention, he's just going to let the money do the talking.

official #'s in Fri or Mon. since album dropped last Fri but at 95% +30k singles sold & hosting's I Prob made 120 THOUSAND in 1week #RTthat — TROY AVE (@TroyAve) June 11, 2015

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