17 Hip-Hop Terms From Back In The Day That Nobody Would Say Now

by Julian Sonny

Our lives are influenced by hip-hop culture every day.

In a way, it tells us what's hot, what's trash and what definitely not to f*ck with.

It also introduced an entire new vernacular that's just so much more lit than this Merriam-Webster bullsh*t.

Saying fly sh*t has always been one of the most effective forms of communication among our youth today.

And the rise of Twitter made it even more widespread and evolved than ever.

That means what people were saying 10 months ago is already played out and you corny if you say it today.

But what about 10 years ago, when the artists of yesterday were out here running the game?

Sure, what they were saying was fly at the time, but you're going to sound like a dad-rapper if you spew out any of these terms.

Big Pimpin'

Used In A Sentence: Wow, Frank was really big pimpin' at prom last night, he took all our bitches!


Used In A Sentence: Lil' Jon was too crunk when he passed out in the DJ booth last night.


Used In A Sentence: She used to date scrubs but now she messes with a dude with a car!

Chill Pill

Used In A Sentence: Yo, smoke this blunt and take a chill pill!

Going Postal

Used In A Sentence: Rebecca went straight postal last night when she slapped that bitch.

Right Thurr

Used In A Sentence: Can you pass me my car keys right thurr under the desk?

Knockin' Boots

Used In A Sentence: I heard Tim and Jessica were knockin' boots this weekend. Shout out them!

Home Skillet

Used In A Sentence: Yo, go grab me some juice, home skillet!


Used In A Sentence: Damn she's fine, I gotta get the 411 on her.


Used In A Sentence: Hey, Linda your jeans sure show off that phat ass today!

No Diggity

Used In A Sentence: No diggity, I can't get to the phone right now, but please leave yo' name and number after the bleep.


Used In A Sentence: My whoadies and I went fishing at the river yesterday and it was most splendid!

Break Yourself

Used In A Sentence: You forgot to add cheese? Break yourself, fool!


Used In A Sentence: I hate when I get too jiggy and nobody's there to notice it.

Good Googly Moogly

Used In A Sentence: Good googly moogly that thang is juicy!

Fo' Shizzle

Used In A Sentence: We gonna be at ya mama's BBQ fo' shizzle!

Bling Bling

Used In A Sentence: I let my grandma borrow my bling bling cuz swag, swag!