Three Insanely Talented Siblings Totally Crush This 'Locked Away' Cover (Video)

Sometimes, when life gets tough and the world gets cold, you just need to lock yourself in your family’s home recording studio with your beautiful siblings and jam to some R. City featuring Adam Levine.

The Gorencs know all about sweet jam therapy. In this cover of “Locked Away,” the siblings make plenty of meaningful eye contact, but also know when to take a moment to emphatically close their eyes.

If someone’s going to belt out lyrics and not accompany it with a wry smile, some pointing or slow, gentle shimmying, then that someone does not understand the art of an expert diva performance and does not deserve any views.

I’ve tried singing covers with my sibling, only to end up changing every other word in each song to “butt” or “fart” (we call them “butt songs,” obviously).

The ability the Gorencs possess to act professionally alongside one another for four straight minutes and dig deep for a little melodramatic emotion blows my mind.

The Gorencs are an example of a group of siblings, like Hanson, the Bee Gees, HAIM and The Jackson Five, with the ability to set aside the armpit punches and the turd puns long enough to share something beautiful and honest with the world.