Steve Aoki Talks 'Wolf Of Wall Street' And His Father's Benihana Restaurants (Video)

So, Steve Aoki's father started the entire Benihana restaurant chain. The more you know...

You may or may not remember when Rocky Aoki, Steve's father, took a few fictitious jabs from Jordan Belfort about his involvement with Belfort's arrest in hit book/film, "The Wolf of Wall Street."

Well, TMZ tracked down Aoki to get his thoughts on the Wolf's Benihana shout-out. Steve claims his father had nothing to do with the real arrest, but any publicity is good publicity -- especially when it comes from an Oscar-nominated blockbuster.

After all, this is one of EDM's highest-paid DJs, best known to sell a show where cake is thrown into the faces of eager party-goers. Aoki was all-for the cameo.

"They shouted-out my dad and I thought that was really cool."

Here's the movie clip:

And here's Aoki on TMZ:

via TMZ