OMG! 4 Never-Before Heard Spice Girls Tracks Have Just Leaked (Listen)

by Adam Pliskin
PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

The Spice Girls have been out of commission for some time, but now we're finally hearing some new music from the former pop group.

This isn't exactly new music.

It's just music we haven't heard before. Four tracks that never made it onto the Spice Girls' final album, Forever, have leaked onto the Web.

The songs are called "A Day in Your Life," "If It's Lovin' on Your Mind," "Pain Proof" and "Right Back at Ya."

It's not a Spice Girls reunion, but it's the next best thing. Give the songs a listen down below.

*Editor's note: The song "Right Back at Ya" actually appeared on the Spice Girls' final album. The one above is an alternate version. 

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