This Sick Mashup Of 2015 Songs Is All You Need To Hear Today (Video)

Every year, Canadian DJ Daniel Kim creates a year-end musical mash-up featuring the most popular songs from the previous 12 months.

This year, he made two.

The piece, which totals nearly 10 minutes, samples clips from dozens of different singles spanning countless musical genres. It has everything, from hip-hop beats (Fetty Wap's “Trap Queen”) to sweeping instrumentals (Adele's “Hello"), to poppy melodies (Taylor Swift's “Style") and pretty much everything in between.

Kim decided to break the track into two parts because he had a hard time determining what songs to use — or rather, what songs not to use.

He tells Collab,

I found myself cutting down so much of the original musical pieces just to 'jam' in as many songs as I could [that I decided to make two tracks].

If 2015 had an official soundtrack, this would be it.

You can listen to the edited version(s) of "Pop Danthology 2015" below or head to SoundCloud to hear the original piece in its entirety.

Part One:

Daniel Kim on YouTube

Part Two:

Daniel Kim on YouTube

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